Kate Wolfe

Library Associate | Problem Solver

Who I am.

Hi! I'm Kate. I work behind the scenes at the Cambridge Public Library. When I'm not cataloging books or processing invoices, I'm exploring the Library's data to find new ways to improve our services. I am friendly, reliable, smart, and self-motivated.

My favorite pastimes include coding and petting dogs. I'm pretty good at the first, and an expert at the second. Python is my jam, but I also have significant experience with VBA (Excel), JavaScript, HTML/CSS, and SQL. My favorite dog breed is (currently) the English setter.

What I'm good at.

Project Management

  • Planning and Prioritizing
  • Details
  • Time management
  • Flexible and creative problem-solving

Social Skills

  • Public speaking
  • Teamwork and collaboration
  • Written communication
  • Member of Anti-Racism Task Force

Technical Ability

  • Programming languages (Python, JavaScript)
  • Relational databases (SQL)
  • Sierra ILS and Innovative data
  • So many Excel macros!
What I'd like to learn next.

Math and Data Science

Currently reading Practical Statistics for Data Scientists: 50+ Essential Concepts Using R and Python by Peter Bruce, Andrew Bruce, and Peter Gedeck.

Computer Science